Speck Tackler


The RNT QuackHead Speck Tackler Goose Callwas designed and built for the die-hard hardcore waterfowler. This specklebelly goose call has true consistent sound and performance even under the most extreme hunting conditions and is simple versatile easy-blowing and ultra-realistic. With the Quackhead specklebelly goose call you can produce a full thick ear piercing yodel down to a soft contentment call that is simply irresistible to this goose. Each specklebelly goose call is individually tuned and tested to assure that you receive the highest quality production call in the field. Quackhead calls are ready to put meat on your table!


  • True consistent sound and performance
  • Easy blowing and super realistic
  • Produce full thick ear piercing yodels
  • Soft contentment calls also can be achieved
  • Individually tuned and tested
  • High quality production in the field

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