GHG Life Size Pintail Duck Decoys 6 Pack

Greenhead Gear

GHG Life Size Pintail Duck Decoys

  • Includes 4 drakes and 2 hens
  • Drakes measure 18 x 6.25 inches
  • Hens measure 14 x 6 inches

  • The GHG Life Size Pintails Pack decoys are molded from original world-class carvings produced with intricate feather detail and anatomic perfection. After the meticulous true-to-life paint jobs are applied the results are some of the most remarkably realistic decoys available today.

    The high-density polyethylene construction combines the best of both worlds -- incredible durability and lightweight carrying ease. Permanent GHG Dura-Keel weighted keels make these decoys ideal for use in a field or perimeter spread and ensure they self-right and ride flawlessly in the water.


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